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Time to replace OKI Dot-Matrix Printers - Printronix has the Solution

Dear Valued Customer You certainly have customers with OKI dot-matrix printers who have been left without a solution to replace their old printers and renew their installed base since OKI withdrew from the dot-matrix printer market.

Printronix has worked together with Fujitsu to provide products that can directly replace your customers’ old OKI dot-matrix devices quickly and easily. The DL Series can replace OKI dot-matrix devices directly, even including the OKI driver settings as standard, so you just need to swap out the old device for the new one with no other changes necessary. Download our Replacement Guide to replace legacy OKI dot-matrix printers with the link below.

Get in touch with me or with your PDC Product Manager to find out how you can ensure your customers can seamlessly replace their legacy OKI devices.


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