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Transform your products into secure, reliable wireless devices that deliver a completely connected, always-on experience.

Embedded Wireless Modules

Network Systems Solutions

Medical Devices

The healthcare industry is aggressively adopting Wi-Fi technology, and our secure Wi-Fi solutions transform medical devices into reliable wireless machines that deliver a completely connected, always-on experience. Trust our team of technical experts to take you from design through product launch of mission-critical applications from patient monitors to infusion pumps to glucose meters.

Transportation & Logistics

The reliable 24/7 wireless network connectivity is essential to keep your transportation and logistics system efficient, safe and flawless. Our solutions have provided reliable and robust Wi-Fi connectivity for large-scale AGV networks in warehouses, mobile POS systems, in-vehicle gateways, and so on. 

Factory Automation

Smart manufacturing and intelligent machines are revolutionizing the industrial automation world. Silex Technology understands the unique challenges of factory environments, including noise, channel sharing and interference, and security concerns. We have the expertise and proven technology to help factory automation manufacturers seamlessly add wireless and network connectivity to existing devices.

Device Manufacturers

The medical market increasingly demands portable, connected solutions. Our low-power, high-performance embedded wireless products provide secure, ultra-reliable wireless connectivity to medical devices. We have solutions for multiple host interfaces, including SDIO, PCIe, and SPI/UART radio modules, as well as intelligent modules.  

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