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Denso Wave, a distinguished subsidiary, specialises in the manufacturing of automatic identification products such as barcode readers and related devices. Additionally, they are recognised for their expertise in industrial robots and programmable logic controllers.


Renowned for their innovative contributions, Denso Wave is credited with the creation of the two-dimensional QR code. As active members of the Japan Robot Association, they are committed to advancing industry standards and actively support the ORiN standard.

Navigation may displayed on the screen for direct and speedy delivery

The navigation function provided by the large-screen hand-held terminal helps the driver quickly reach the destination even when heading to an unfamiliar place to meet an urgent request for cargo pickup.

A single code carries two types of data: public and private.

A single QR Code can carry public data and private data. The private data can be read only with a dedicated reader having the cryptographic key, which provides data protection. Since SQRC looks exactly the same as the regular QR Code, it can prevent forgery and tampering.

Face Authentication SQRC

Face Authentication SQRC is an application that converts information on facial feature points into the compact SQRCdata format, achieving ID authentication with no need for a server or other equipment.

Q platform®

Q platform is a cloud server that can generate and read QR Code, FrameQR, and SQRCs. It is possible to collect data on when each QR Code was created and how many times it has been read by accessing the generation and read logs, which visualize user trends and the effects of the services that were difficult to analyze.

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