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Within Honeywell's Productivity Solutions and Services division, we design and develop mobile computers, printers, and data capture devices tailored to enhance worker productivity across a diverse array of companies worldwide.


Honeywell has continually introduced innovative solutions. These advancements have played a pivotal role in driving efficiency, speed, and accuracy improvements for retailers, distribution centres, transportation and logistics, as well as healthcare organisations.


Explore our range of Productivity Solutions to discover how we empower businesses of all sizes.

Honeywell AIDC

We Make Barcode Scanning Easy

Honeywell's barcode readers deliver superior scanning precision and adaptability. Versatile and intuitive, they seamlessly fit into various enterprise workflows, providing optimal performance at the point of sale, in warehouses, or on walls. With industry-leading scanning capabilities, Honeywell barcode readers rapidly and accurately decode damaged barcodes, ensuring streamlined workflows.

Honeywell Mobile Computers for Retail
Maximise The Value Of Your Device Investment

Budgets are getting tighter, and the pace of business is getting faster, which means you don't have time for downtime. Discover how Honeywell Productivity Services can help businesses get serious about protecting their device investment.

Honeywell Handheld Computers

Handheld Computers

Mobile computers for a variety of industries including DC, retail and more.

Honeywell Vehicle-Mount Computers

Vehicle-Mount Computers

Vehicle-mount computers are built to perform in the toughest environments.

Honeywell Wearable Computers

Wearable Computers

Wearable computers are designed to keep mobile workers' hands-free.

Honeywell Mobile Phone Sleds

Mobile Phone Sleds

Sledges to transform consumer devices into rugged, enterprise devices.

Future-Proof Operations, Improve Workforce Productivity and Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Honeywell’s suite of handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted mobile computers is designed to keep pace with the demands of your highly mobile workforce.

As eCommerce trends place continuous pressure on industries throughout the global supply chain, Honeywell mobile computers help empower warehouse workers and retail associates alike to stay productive, connected and efficient within every touchpoint of their workflows.

Honeywell Mobile Computers
Disinfectant Ready-Housing Cleaning Guide

Read our guide to learn how to clean Honeywell general-purpose products with disinfectant-ready housing.


Printing With A Purpose

Printing operations, whether they are barcode labels, tickets, or tags, should be worry-free. That’s what Honeywell believes in. Optimizing your print operations throughout the enterprise should be easy to deploy and maximise return on your investment.

That is why we combined our best technology built on top of legacy powerhouses Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec technologies. From light-duty to ultra-rugged models – both stationary and portable – to print software, media, services, and parts, Honeywell offers an extensive range of solutions for any environment or print application.

Browse our wide selection of printers below and see which one will help optimize your operations.

Honeywell Industrial Label Printers for Warehousing
Honeywell Industrial Label Printers for Aerospace
Honeywell Industrial Label Printers for Banks
Honeywell Industrial Label Printers for Transport and Logistics
Honeywell Industrial Printers
Honeywell Label Printers
Honeywell Industrial Printers
Honeywell Mobile Computers
Honeywell Barcode Printers
Honeywell Barcode Scanners

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