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Urovo is a leading Chinese company specialising in the design, development, production, and sales of smart data terminals, payment terminals, and special printers.


As pioneers in the research and development of industry mobile application products, Urovo focuses on delivering digital solutions rooted in core technology. The company serves various sectors, including logistics, retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and transportation, with a commitment to innovative applications in the industry.

Urovo Payment Terminals

Payment Terminals

UROVO offers a range of high-quality payment terminals designed to streamline transactions and enhance customer experiences. With advanced features and secure payment processing, our payment terminals provide businesses with reliable and efficient solutions for accepting payments. 

Mobile Computers

Discover Urovo's extensive range of mobile computers featuring keypad or touchscreen input for better user experience. With handheld and wearable options available, our Android-powered mobile computers offer the best solutions for business needs, ensuring efficiency and productivity. 

Healthcare Mobile Computers

Urovo's rugged healthcare mobile computer features long battery life, disinfectant-ready housing, and barcode scanning to improve point-of-care documentation and medication administration workflows.

RFID Devices

Revolutionise asset management with our RFID solutions, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our robust readers, printers, and sleds ensure seamless integration for optimized inventory control and streamlined operations, catering to your business's evolving needs.

Wearable Devices

This Android wrist-mounted computer frees hands with integrated barcode scanning and a touchscreen for uninterrupted warehouse/logistics workflows.

Rugged Tablets

Urovo Rugged Tablets

Handheld Mobile Computers in Healthcare

Empowering the Workforce: Handheld Mobile Computers in Healthcare

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, getting things done quickly and correctly is crucial. The introduction of handheld mobile computers has really shaken things up,  transforming the way healthcare professionals take care of patients, manage data, and talk to each other. This advanced tech has not only streamlined processes but has also significantly improved the overall quality of healthcare services.

Reasons to Choose Enterprise Mobile Computers Over Consumer Devices

Reasons to Choose Enterprise Mobile Computers Over Consumer Devices

Mobility is almost synonymous with productivity in today’s increasingly competitive business world. Nowadays, businesses need real-time insights to maximize productivity. Thus, mobile computers are becoming more commonly used across various industries. It is worth mentioning that consumer devices are not designed for harsh, fast-paced environments. The security, robustness, and data collection of such devices cannot be guaranteed in harsh environments. 

The Application of RFID in Fixed Asset Management

The Application of RFID in Fixed Asset Management

Nowadays, labor costs are continuously on the rise. How to effectively finishing complex and time-consuming inventory counts through intelligent devices has become a central focus across all industries. More and more businesses are adopting RFID technology to streamline their fixed asset management and inventory processes.

 How to Choose the Right Rugged Tablet for Your Business?

How to Choose the Right Rugged Tablet for Your Business?

Rugged tablets are used in every aspect of day-to-day business operations. Therefore, it's essential to choose the suitable one for your business. Before choosing the right rugged tablet, you should consider various factors such as environmental conditions, readability in sunlight, working conditions, and water resistance.

Urovo Mobile Computers for Warehousing
Urovo PDAs for Aerospace
Urovo Barcode Scanners
Urovo Wearable Mobile Computers
Urovo Mobile Computers for Courier Industry
Urovo Mobile Computers for Shipping Industry
Urovo Mobile Computers for Automotive Industry
Urovo Mobile Computers for Transport and Logistics Industry
Urovo Mobile Computers for Courier Industry
Urovo Mobile Computers for every Industry

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