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The Acclaimed MPOP® Now Comes With Direct IOS USB-C Connectivity

What's new?

Star has just released an important firmware update for the mPOPCI which will include Google’s Android Open Accessory profile to enable direct USB-C connectivity to Android devices. This means the mPOPCI will now be able to charge and communicate directly with iOS devices as well as with Android AOA compatible devices via USB-C. If you’d like to know more about Google’s AOA, please see the information here.

The mPOPCI is the USB-C cabled version of the mPOP, which enables direct cable communication and charging to tablets rather than pairing via Bluetooth. Many businesses choose cabled connection for easy set-up, speed and reliability.

This feature will be available with the latest SDKs from our Global Support Site, and it is suggested that the Star SDKs are regularly updated to support the latest set of products and features. If you already have an mPOP CI, and would like to use this feature, you can find instructions on how to update the firmware here.

For any further information please don't hesitate to contact our integration team.



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