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Fujitsu Dot Matrix Printers: The Reliable Printing Solution for Airport Gates

Updated: Mar 6

Looking for a dot matrix printer that’s not only approved for use in airports at the gates but also delivers unbeatable reliability and instant printing? Look no further than the Fujitsu DL3100.

With exceptional performance and reliability, the Fujitsu DL3100 printer is the perfect choice for printing passenger manifests and other important documents. Dependability is a paramount requirement in airport operations, and the Fujitsu DL3100 is built to exceed expectations.

Designed with robust components and advanced dot matrix technology, these printers offer uninterrupted operation, ensuring that your printing tasks are completed flawlessly every time without fuss.

No worrying about downtime or paper jams that could cause delays and frustration.

With their high-speed capabilities, these printers can quickly generate all required documents, such as passenger manifests, boarding passes, and more. Maximum efficacy and efficiency at the gate. Your staff and passengers will appreciate the swift service provided by these reliable dot matrix machines.

A critical requirement at airport gates is the need for the passenger manifest to be printed on a single, continuous sheet. The Fujitsu DL3100 is specifically designed to meet this requirement either with traditional continuous printer paper or also on continuous paper rolls making use of the optional roll paper holder. With their continuous print feature, the DL3100 can produce the entire passenger manifest on a single sheet of paper, eliminating the need for manual collation or multiple sheets. This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of errors or missing pages.

In addition to their exceptional functionality, the DL3100 is very easy to operate and maintain. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, your staff can be immediately proficient in operating these printers. Routine maintenance is hassle-free, thanks to the durable construction and the long life of Fujitsu printers and ribbons.

Already in use around the world in airports today the DL3100 is the ideal printer for your airport gates. Installing this tried and tested printer you, will experience the perfect combination of reliability, instant dot matrix printing, and continuous output. Don't compromise on efficiency and dependability when it comes to printing such essential documents. Invest in the Fujitsu DL3100 today and witness the seamless flow of operations at your airport gates.


Replace OKI Legacy Printers with Fujitsu Serial Dot Matrix Printers

With the removal from the sale of OKI dot matrix printers in 2021, many customers will need to replace their SIDM printer with a different model to that in use. To ensure complete ease of replacement, Printronix and Fujitsu have worked closely to ensure OKI-specific settings are included within the printer drivers. These include:

  • Paper Sizes

  • Print Quality Settings

  • Margin Settings

These settings are available across the DL ranges, enabling you to work with the same settings as with your old OKI device, with no requirement to adjust any setting, enabling seamless replacement. The table below shows which DL model can most directly replace your legacy OKI-installed model.


The Fujitsu DL3100 Serial Dot Matrix Printers exemplify cutting-edge printing technology, distinguished by their 24-pin printhead which delivers high-quality output, making them suitable for professional environments that demand precision and clarity. These printers are celebrated for their incredible reliability, ensuring consistent performance over time. They offer wide connectivity options across different models, making them versatile for various computing setups. The stylish compact design of the DL3100 series not only saves valuable desk space but also blends seamlessly into any office decor.

Furthermore, these printers are designed with eco-consciousness in mind, featuring ultra-low energy consumption. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability goals, making the Fujitsu DL3100 series a smart choice for businesses looking to balance functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.


Our Range of Fujitsu Serial Dot Matrix Printers


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