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Barcode inspection has never been this easy and inexpensive.

Updated: Feb 2

Did you know inspecting your labels to prevent retail chargebacks can pay for itself in a few months and requires no added templates, servers, equipment, or space? Today, dozens of retail suppliers are saving significant amounts of money inspecting labels before they leave their warehouse or distribution center.


Combining Verification with Validation

The ODV-2D can verify and validate barcodes as they are printed. The data printed on the label is validated to match the data sent from the host (native commands only). The barcode image is verified to comply with the ISO standards.

Print, Verify, Encode RFID Labels All in A Single Pass

The upgraded T6000e with ODV-2D allows users to print and encode RFID labels and inspect and grade the quality of printed barcodes in a single pass. Now, one printer can now do the work of multiple devices to create a new level of productivity and cost savings. No longer are two separate machines needed to perform two completely different functions.

Manage Your Entire Enterprise from a Single Location

Printronix Auto ID Data Manager (part of the PrintNet Enterprise Suite) gives you the ability to dynamically record, archive and generate reports of scanned barcode data for every printer on your network.

Closed-Loop Application Design

Data from ODV can be passed back to the application in .csv or PXML format, enabling the label software to not only send labels to the printer but can check each label to ensure that the correct data was printed and the label barcodes grades were acceptable.


What is Barcode Inspection?

An overview of the technology, the options, and considerations for label and barcode inspection Download eBook >>

Are chargebacks getting you down but don't know where to start?

Selecting the right printer with integrated barcode inspection systems for your application can give you confidence that every barcode label sent out is accurate and printed at the highest level of quality. Read our Beginner's Guide to Barcode Inspection to Learn More >>


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