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What are the Benefits of Using iPad MDM in Education?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

iPads are a boon for educational institutions and businesses. When adopted in a classroom setting, iPads can boost learning. When adopted in an enterprise setting, they can enhance the productivity of employees. However, like most devices, iPads can be a source of distraction if they are not optimised carefully. Organisations must configure and deploy these gadgets securely so that they increase efficiency and deliver better value. So, implementing an iPad MDM solution can help them get the maximum benefit out of their iPad deployment initiative and customise the devices to fit their needs.

Benefits of using an iPad MDM in Schools

iPads are flexible devices that can be revolutionary for learning if admins prepare the devices for remote learning. Apple offers an Apple School Manager platform that helps simplify the enrolment and management of these devices. When these devices are configured with iPad Mobile Device Management software, administrators can gain enhanced control over them.

Easily configure iPads

When deploying devices in bulk, admins need to quickly set up devices so that students and teachers can easily access them. iPad Management software provides the capability to securely enroll the devices and rapidly create user accounts for students and teaching staff. For instance, when administrators configure devices, they must ensure that iPads connect to a secure network and have necessary security restrictions in place.

Ensure distraction-free devices

When deploying devices for educational purposes, it is essential to ensure that the devices are distraction-free and are not misused. iPad MDM solutions provide a restriction toolset that helps admins to ensure a secured and focused learning environment for students.

Distribute education apps and content

When teachers need to share course materials with students, the iPad MDM solution can help them with that. The school IT admin can pre-configure apps from the App Store or third-party vendors so that teachers and students can securely access the learning material they require.

Provision shared iPads

Today, many learning institutions provide shared iPads in the classroom. Shared iPads provide educators the opportunity to reduce hardware costs while still allowing students to easily and safely access learning materials. An iPad device management solution can help educators use Managed Apple IDs from Apple School Manager to map a profile for each student. Alternatively, an institution may create classes where any student can log in and start using the device.

Facilitate remote education

iPads have played a very important role in remote learning during the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, a large number of schools support distance learning by leveraging evolving technology. iPad MDM empowers admins to set up devices remotely, thereby enabling students to keep learning virtually. Moreover, an iPad Management software allows admins to remotely control and troubleshoot Managed iPads, enabling admins to repair the devices easily and with minimal downtime.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, iPad MDM can aid in managing iOS updates on supervised devices. With tools like single app mode and web content filtering, admins can customise iPads to make them appropriate learning devices. The restrictive configuration helps reduce disruptions during assessments on iPads, in addition to increasing security. To summarise, an iPad device management solution simplifies iPad management at multiple levels and can help drive adoption.


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