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Vuzix M400 - Unmatched comfort & performance for all-day smart glasses use in any work environment

Our flagship device, Vuzix M400 smart glasses are widely recognised as the most versatile AR workplace tool on the market. They're designed for all-day comfort and come equipped with the Qualcomm XR1 platform to power a huge variety of enterprise applications. Flexible mounting options make them compatible with almost any PPE and the IP67 rating gives you peace of mind that this device is waterproof and ruggedised for the roughest jobs.

Share your perspective in superior detail with our 4k video streaming auto-focus camera, and get the remote assistance you need in real time. With noise-cancelling microphones , wide field of view and voice inputs, you can keep critical data right where you need it while staying hands-free.

What's New In The M400?

  • Expansive 16.8° field of view: Picture a tablet floating right in front of your face

  • Increased processing power with 8 Core 2.52Ghz Qualcomm XR1

  • Increased RAM and storage

  • Ruggedised, waterproofed design

  • Snapdragon XR1 platform brings an immersive UI experience


Built for indoor or standard condition outdoor use, this kit is ideal for comfortable, long-hours AR assisted service or industrial shifts


Vuzix M400 price is competitive and provides a cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings. Not only does it work with top conferencing platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, and MS Teams, its long battery life ensures that you’ll make it through your meeting with power to spare.


With our hands-free, heads-up Vuzix M400, you won’t be weighed down by tablets or clipboards. You can access instructions, diagrams, and videos via assisted reality (AR) with visual overlays and audio; document steps and detect issues; and livestream remote support — all hands-free.


Not only does the M400 support HIPAA-compliant usage, the Longevity Series is IP67 rated and can be sanitised with conventional sterilisation such as alcohol wipes. Our smart glasses are currently worn by medical professionals during surgeries for 16+ hours straight.



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