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RFID for Omni-channel Retail with Printronix Auto ID

RFID Helps Retail Operations Across the Supply Chain

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The retail landscape is shifting to a hybrid combination of e-commerce channels and legacy brick-and-mortar stores. The hybrid shopping experience allows customers to shop in a way that best suits their needs and preferences; however, retailers also see new challenges in serving customers in omnichannel environments.

Retailers are turning to RFID technology to combat these challenges. RAIN RFID, in particular, is being used to reduce out-of-stock inventory, shrinkage, optimise operations, and boost productivity. Item-level RFID tagging directly contributes to the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing sales. All indicators point towards the continued adoption and increased use of RFID labels.

Points to Consider

There are two primary options to obtain RFID labels— getting preprinted/encoded labels from a service bureau or print-on-demand. For high-mix, low-volume products, it usually makes sense to produce RFID labels on demand. Before getting started on your RFID investment, we recommend that you consider these four concepts including:

Why TSC Printronix Auto ID RFID Printers?

From high-performance enterprise designs, compact industrial models, lower-volume desktop, and mobile to print engine models, our RFID printer family is designed for diverse requirements.

1 Deep Collaboration with Multiple Standards Organisations

We work closely with GS1, ISO/IEC, AIM, and the RAIN Alliance to ensure that our RFID printers correctly and adequately support the various encoding standards even when standards are evolving.

2 Easily and Quickly Switch Between Different Label Constructions

Our RFID printer family possesses unique capabilities to solve the problems often associated with different RFID label constructions. Our RFID printers can support standard smart labels, on-metal tags and many other tag types.

3 High Speed Encoding for Better Productivity

Optimized for maximum throughput, TSC Printronix Auto ID RFID printers use an Encode During Print feature which avoids back feed between labels commonly seen with other brands of RFID printers.

4 Our RFID Printer and Label Validation Lab Means Your Confidence

Our RFID Printer and Label Validation Lab continuously tests new RFID chips, inlays and on-metal tags to ensure they operate correctly in our RFID printers. We support an ever-increasing range of products giving you confidence that our printer will work for your application.

5 Your Resource for RFID Labels

Not only are we experts in RAIN RFID printers and encoders, we also sell labels through trade only. All our RAIN RFID labels are guaranteed to provide consistent, optimal performance with our RFID printers, having been tested and certified in our RFID Printer and Label Validation Lab.


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