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Retail with Urovo - How to Manage Supermarket Inventory with Mobile Computers in 2022

Updated: Feb 2

For supermarkets, managing inventory is one of the most challenging tasks. The main purpose of setting the inventory is to ensure that the required commodities quantity is available at the required time and place.

An effectively managed inventory translates into customer satisfaction, saving expenses, and ensuring smooth sales progress. On the other hand, poor practices may lead to commodities' low turnover rate and supply chain disruption.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges faced by supermarkets during inventory management. At the same time, we will present some solutions to these very problems. Let us take a look!

Supermarket Inventory:Challenges

Here, we have listed the main two challenges supermarket managers need to face every day:

Lack of unified procurement management

A lack of unified procurement management results in wastage, equipment wear, and problems for businesses. Most often, inefficiency is caused by manual operations. Such issues are frequent when products are touched multiple times or delivery routes are undefined. By using unified procurement platform software with PDA handheld scanners, we can effectively oversee the entire S2P cycle.

Low inventory turnover ratio


Supermarket inventory: Solutions

The best way to solve inventory management is relying on cutting-edge technologies such as PDA terminals and MDM software. Then, what are the main benefits of adopting such solutions?

Inventory monitoring

PDA picking

Urovo's Recommendation:

DT50 Mobile Computer

Urovo's DT50 mobile computer is a must for supermarket batch inventory. Our device can solve the problem of inventory management in traditional supermarkets saving management costs, time, and effort.

Among the stand-out features, the DT50 handheld mobile computer offers a professional code scanning module, which enables scanning mainstream one-dimensional, two-dimensional codes, defaced codes, old codes, and other abnormal codes. This feature is particularly relevant during supermarket inventory because of the large number and diversity of products. Urovo DT50 can deliver accurate readings within milliseconds making the supermarket inventory process more efficient.

Another aspect that workers particularly care about is the “longevity” of a device. Urovo’s products offer industrial-grade hardware and IP67 sealing corning glass for the strongest protection.

For instance, our DT50 handheld computer is dustproof, water-resistant, and can be dropped from 1.5 meters without any damage.

Furthermore, the low power consumption and long battery life support 2 hours of uninterrupted scanning code. In this way, operators can utilise the handheld terminal until the end of the shift.

Ultimately, Urovo's DT50 mobile computer is the best option for operators in the retail industry.

DT50 UROVO Brochure
Download PDF • 1.26MB



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