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PDC & Printronix is making an impact with impact

PDC offers a range of Printronix Line & Serial Impact Dot-Matrix printers which will support your heavy duty non-stop, high-volume printing requirements to your low-volume page at a time of print demands.

​Reverting back to articles written in 2012, the prediction was that by 2020 the world would be paperless!

Looking forward to the next 10 years, we see digital and paperless processes being put into place but paper processes are still being required as an intrinsic part of the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

The Printronix Linematrix printers offer extremely rugged, the unlimited maximum monthly workload to meet & exceed the most demanding print requirements in a mission-critical print environment.

These printers also offer exceptional dependable operation in harsh environments withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, and airborne contaminants OpenPrint functionality offers ease of connectivity to ERP or WMS applications generating PDF or PostScript output.

All this is offered with an ultra-low consumable cost per page is around 1/5th that of a laser when printing high monthly volumes. Printronix printers consume less energy than laser while generating far fewer consumables waste.

The Printronix S800 SIDM series is a range of fast, quiet and very tough Midrange printers with efficient print speed performance designed to deliver non-stop printing performance and fully automatic and customisable form handling for minimizing user intervention.

The S828 is the only printer in its class with a heavy-duty acoustically sealed unbreakable metal enclosure.


Printronix recently added the offering of the Fujitsu SIDM printers to compliment the range. These printers are incredibly reliable and have a wide range of connectivity and paper handling options offering low-profile compact designs, and ultra-low energy consumption.

Printronix proudly services customers across various industries, specialising in supply chain aspects of the automotive, food & beverage, retail, transportation/logistics, and government & utility industries.

These companies all have one thing in common they require non-stop, mission-critical printing and a robust printer that will be reliable, cost-efficient and rugged in often very harsh environmental conditions.

This is where the Printronix Industrial printers prove in durability, they are the best!

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