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ARMOR solutions for horticultural labels

Updated: Feb 2

Printing with high weather resistance

Identification and traceability labels for the horticultural sector may be watered 100 times, handled dozens of times and sprayed with fertiliser while in the full glare of the sun for months on end, not to mention extreme heat and frost. In spite of such extreme conditions, the labels must remain perfectly legible throughout the supply chain from the field to the shop, informing customers and enabling the checkout process.

ARMOR solutions for horticultural labels

ARMOR's Thermal Transfer ribbons for labels offer an excellent print finish for stick-in or loop labels, whether out of PVC or Tyvek®. The print sharpness makes it possible to print all types of barcodes, large and small characters, prices and logos on horticultural labels. The inks used in ARMOR black ribbons (and certain other colours) are not degraded by sunlight. For printing on a horticultural label not exposed to very aggressive conditions, a Wax-Resin ink such as the APX®FH+ is an ideal option. For labels exposed to the most aggressive conditions (fertiliser, extreme temperatures and abrasion), a Resin ink from the AXR® range is recommended to ensure excellent data legibility over time.

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