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Make Every Field Tech an Expert - Available From PDC

Connect to remote experts and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve first-time resolution rates, boost customer satisfaction, and save on travel costs.

Today’s field service technicians must handle a growing number of complex jobs. It’s nearly impossible for each technician to possess the depth and breadth of expertise needed for every job, and the quantity of work for technicians will only increase as 60% of more than

20 million field service workers are set to retire soon.

Meanwhile, the expertise required continues to increase with constant advances in AI and IoT. 25% of service calls today require a costly follow-up visit because the technician is unable to tap the expertise of others or reference technical documentation.

The result of these trends is clear: to achieve the highest possible results the first time on-site, technicians must be able to train remotely and have hands-free, moment-of-need access to their company’s knowledge resources. Enter smart glasses—improving enterprise information access and enabling users to work heads up, hands-free, and fully aware of their surroundings. Smart glasses are a faster route to critical information as they are more mobile than manuals, binders, and even hand-held devices. They also let technicians communicate their situational point of view with remote experts who, armed with the full context of environmental factors, can provide instruction in real time.

Smart glasses for field technicians enable:

Reduce Costs with Faster Fix Rates

Improve resolution rates by putting key information in a worker’s field of view.

Accelerate Customer Response Times

Improve Compliance with Protocols

Get the Right Experts on the Job

Real-Time Support For Complex Tasks

As technologies keep advancing, technicians are responsible for servicing a large range of products of increasing complexity. With Vuzix field services smart glasses, workers in the field can access task-based information directly in their line of vision — heads up and hands-free. And they can quickly connect to experts remotely, eliminating the need for costly travel and providing speedy resolution to tough issues.

Increased Automation, Fewer Errors

Many field technicians must still consult paper manuals and rely on manual documentation. This can increase workflow inefficiencies and error rates. Vuzix AR glasses for field service enable easy audio and visual documentation.

Best of all, they provide a hands-free, intuitive interface between your company’s digital content — detailed instructions, diagrams, and videos — and technicians in the field.

Real-Time Training and Guidance

It’s estimated that 25% of service calls require follow-up visits. This is often due to a lack of training, experience, and access to information. 

With Vuzix AR glasses for field service, training and courses can occur remotely, delivered directly to a single location or multiple sites. Technicians can simultaneously receive on-the-job, interactive training and supervision from instructors or senior personnel.




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