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PDC's "Let's Talk Honeywell" Event Marks a Resounding Success with Resellers

Updated: Apr 22

PDC, in collaboration with Honeywell, recently hosted the highly anticipated "Let's Talk Honeywell" event at Honeywell House in Midrand. This event was designed as a dynamic platform to engage and educate resellers on the latest developments and offerings from Honeywell. Due to demand, the event was divided into three separate sessions throughout the day, each of which reached its capacity shortly after registration opened.

The event commenced with warm welcomes from Minanto Johnson, SSA Sales Leader for Honeywell, and PDC Executive Frikkie Koegelenberg. Their introductions set a collaborative tone for the day's agenda.

The first key segment featured Francois Kotze, Honeywell's Regional Distribution Manager, and Nathan Potgieter, Senior Solution Architect, who together provided an overview of Honeywell's advancements in AI technology and its latest product range. Nathan’s deep dive into the high-level functionalities of these tools was particularly insightful.

A well-timed tea break ensued, allowing attendees to refresh and mingle before the next presentation. Roland Pinxz, General Manager for Armor Iimak, then presented a comprehensive overview of the Armor Iimak range offered through PDC.

A major highlight was the unveiling of an exclusive incentive program designed specifically for resellers, emphasising benefits for individual sales personnel rather than broader corporate gains—a notable shift from traditional incentive models.

The mid-day session saw an even larger gathering of resellers, animated with questions, especially regarding the detailed briefing on the new incentive program by Ashleigh Baard, Honeywell's Coastal Product Manager.

Following the presentations, attendees had the opportunity to interact closely with the showcased products in a hands-on display area. This environment not only allowed resellers to physically examine the products but also promoted deeper discussions on the significant benefits of partnering with Honeywell and PDC.

The day concluded with three successful sessions.

Overall, the "Let's Talk Honeywell" event not only strengthened existing relationships but also highlighted PDC’s dedication to innovation and adaptation, directly benefiting their resellers and contributing to their collective success.


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