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DICOM Solution Available From PDC

Printronix offers advanced colour printers LP654C and LP844C, which become highly effective tools for medical imaging applications when used with the NanoRIP DICOM dongle. This innovative dongle allows these printers to seamlessly print medical images from X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine scans. This capability is essential in healthcare settings for quick and precise printing of diagnostic images.


Printronix LP654C Colour Laser Printer

The Printronix LP654C is the world’s smallest industrial-grade A4 colour printer ready to perform at high speed with high-quality colour. The device prints 35 ppm and can manage media weight up to 256 gsm, and up to 1.32 m in length. The LP654C’s innovative space-saving technology includes full front access, allowing the printer to fit and operate in a very tight space, only requiring 2cm space around the sides. Developed with a focus on high reliability and built with the extensive use of high-quality components in place of plastic, this is the most robust printer in its class.


Printronix LP844C Colour Laser Printer

The Printronix LP844C is the smallest A3 colour printer in the world with a print speed of 36 ppm and is a highly dependable workhorse. The LP844C can print media weights up to 256 gsm and up to 29.7 cm x 132.1cm. Separate toners and long-life drums enable a high-duty cycle and maximum use of consumables ensuring the printer keeps printing and printing, making it ideal for our industrial customers requiring high volumes and high-quality color coverage. In addition to regular paper, the printers will work on a wide variety of speciality media like magnetic media, synthetic paper, and indoor or outdoor quality label stock with media weights up to 256 gsm and up to 132.1cm long.


Black & White X-rays

Our DICOM printers are specifically designed to produce high-quality black and white X-rays efficiently. These printers utilize advanced imaging technology that accurately captures the detailed contrasts and densities found in X-ray images, essential for medical diagnostics and patient care. The printers are fully compatible with DICOM standards, ensuring seamless integration with medical imaging equipment. This capability supports medical professionals in their diagnostic processes by providing clear, detailed prints that highlight subtle nuances necessary for accurate assessments and treatments.

Our DICOM printers are adept at printing CT scans, delivering the precision required for medical imaging. They handle the high-resolution details and complex grayscale variations characteristic of CT images, ensuring that all critical information is accurately represented. These printers support the DICOM standard, which guarantees compatibility with CT imaging systems and streamlines the workflow in medical environments. By providing clear, precise prints of CT scans, our printers assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and planning treatments effectively, making them an invaluable tool in medical settings.

Our DICOM printers are specifically configured to produce high-quality prints of ultrasound images. These printers accurately render the fine details and varying shades of ultrasound scans, which are crucial for evaluating soft tissues and fluid movements within the body. Thanks to their compatibility with the DICOM standard, they ensure seamless integration with ultrasound equipment, enhancing the efficiency of medical imaging workflows. This functionality is particularly valuable in obstetrics and other medical fields, where quick access to printed ultrasound images supports thorough reviews and consultations, aiding in diagnosis and patient care.



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