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Less is More with Linerless Printing Solutions

TSC Printronix Auto ID Linerless Printers

We have several mobile printers and desktop printers that come equipped with linerless label printing capability. Below we detail the specific models you can count on for your linerless application.

In our desktop lineup, our DA Series Performance Desktop Printers combine affordability with a durable design for linerless printing. The DA Series offers both 203 and 300 dpi print resolution with fast printing speeds up to 6 ips (inches per second). The large 60-watt power supply produces high quality printed labels, even at its fastest print speeds. It also employs an easy-to-use, double-wall clamshell design with a spring-loaded label roll holder that makes loading simple.

Mobile printer options for linerless include:

The Alpha-30L 3-inch and Alpha-40L 4-inch Mobile Performance Printers are equipped to print linerless labels and were designed for comfort and performance for an entire shift. These lightweight printers enable fast-paced printing on-demand and are built for durability, with the ability to withstand up to a 6-foot (1.8-meter) fall with continuous print capability. With smart battery management, real-time health and performance data with remote printer management software, and multiple connectivity options, this printer series has a lot to offer.

The Alpha-2R 2-inch Performance Mobile Printer is a cost-effective model with many features that can print linerless, receipts, as well as product and item labels. This printer is Energy Star 2.0 compliant and durable, rated out of the box with an IP42 rating.

The TDM-20 2-Inch and the TDM-30 3-inch Performance Mobile Printers are rugged palm-sized printers for easy, on-the-go printing with long battery life. The TDM-20 functions up to 17 hours on a single charge, while the TDM-30 goes up to 42 hours. These printers can handle receipts, and labels, are linerless, and offer durability to withstand a drop of 1.8 meters without a protective case.



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