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How Our T6000e Enterprise Printer Delivers a New Level of Productivity and Cost Savings

Updated: Feb 2

Are you looking for a versatile, enterprise-grade printer with both barcode label inspection and RFID printing and encoding capabilities that can deliver efficiency in fast-paced industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, horticulture and cannabis?

Our T6000e enterprise industrial printer offers the unique dual ability to print RFID and barcode labels — and perform automated barcode label inspection — within one printer footprint. No longer are two separate machines needed to perform completely different functions, resulting in a new level of productivity and cost savings.

The T6000e printer sets a new standard for versatility in high productivity applications where speed and exceptional printer quality are essential. With its barcode label and RFID tag functionality, coupled with a high capacity to print up to 10,000 labels a day at high speeds, this printer really has it all. If you work in a fast-paced, demanding environment and require high quality barcode label and RFID tag printing, keep reading to learn more about the extensive features the T6000e printer has to offer.

T6000e Enterprise Printer Vastly Improves Productivity

Our T6000e enterprise printer is award-winning, and it features high speed, high resolution, and high memory encoding. This printer can print up to 10,000 labels a day at high productivity print speeds of 14 inches per second (ips). Along with speed, it prints in high resolution at 600 dpi for quality labels in fast production environments (on 4-inch models). The T6000e printer also has an interactive screen that greatly reduces training time so you can focus on getting up to speed quickly for immediate operational productivity.

Other efficiency-boosting features of the T6000e printer include:

  • Printronix System Architecture

  • Multiple connectivity options

  • Remote printer management tools and automated alerts

  • Nine printer languages

Two important features of the T6000e printer are ODV-2D barcode inspection and RFID capabilities. Its integrated ODV-2D barcode inspection technology inspects and validates barcode labels as they are being printed, enhancing efficiency. The printer reads each barcode while it prints, overstrikes bad labels that would be rejected, and then reprints a new barcode without operator intervention. The built-in data validator grades barcodes to ISO standards and retains a detailed report of each transaction. This feature is valuable for retailers and suppliers when defending against chargebacks. The detailed reports confirm barcode labels were readable and printed to required standards before leaving the facility, helping to validate label quality in a dispute or chargeback situation.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology can be leveraged for labeling and inventory tracking, performing a valuable service in horticulture and for high-valued assets in the cannabis industry, and much more. The T6000e printer includes RFID smart labels for non-line sight reading so inventory can be tracked within minutes. An incoming or outgoing shipment can also be verified in seconds with RFID. The T6000e prints and encodes on both standard and on-metal labels, and automatically overstrikes and reprints tags that fail to encode properly.

RFID Technology in Horticulture and Cannabis Businesses: Essential for Growth

RFID smart labels are commonly used in carton or pallet supply chain applications. Two industries that benefit from this kind of technology are horticulture and cannabis. RFID helps to track inventory in real time. Farmers, nurseries, and greenhouse operators often have a huge inventory that can be overwhelming and nearly impossible to track without help. RFID technology can track a complete plant inventory to better manage all items and reduce costs. The T6000e printer uses the RFID feature to encode and print on several unique tag items like horticultural plant stakes, wrap tags, and many more. RFID allows horticulture businesses to count thousands of items and even find a specific plant quickly. Other pluses of RFID in horticultural applications include tracking plants sold, plants still available, and planting dates.

RFID tracking greatly benefits cannabis businesses as well. Growers, processors, and dispensaries can use RFID technology to track their inventory. High value assets like cannabis plants, by-products, finished products, and shipping units require unique tagging for the cannabis marketplace. RFID smart labels are the perfect solution for this requirement. Grow facilities use RFID to track plant maturity and lifecycle management. RFID also enables weight capture at harvest and during processing, real-time location, item movement and destruction, order fulfilment, plus shipping and receiving.

The T6000e enterprise printer supports all major brands of RFID inlays and on-metal tags. All data reports tracked by RFID are available via smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Upgrade kits are also available to deliver a cost/benefit analysis for RFID technology in your business operation. This helps you determine the potential ROI when investing in a T6000e printer.

Enhance Your Business Operation with the T6000e Enterprise Printer

The T6000e enterprise-grade printer has several features that enhance your business practices and productivity. As the only printer on the market featuring both integrated ODV-2D barcode inspection and RFID capabilities, this printer is one of the most versatile printers available today. The T6000e printer is available in 4- and 6-inch models to best suit your needs.

Learn more about the T6000e enterprise industrial printer on our website.


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