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How Android Lockdown gives you more control over your business devices

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Android smartphones and tablets are widely used by organisations as business/work devices. These Android devices play a crucial role in increasing the workers productivity and improving efficiency. On the other hand, the abundance of such devices makes the corporate data and devices vulnerable. Here, Android lockdown solution can help organisations to control and secure the corporate data and devices.

Challenges of managing business devices

Businesses provide corporate-owned devices to employees for work use. Employees access business mails, servers, networks, data through these Android devices. Managing and controlling such devices is a big challenge for I&O pros. Because, employees can use the devices for non-productive or other than work purposes. For example, gaming, entertaining, accessing social media, browsing for personal purposes and many more.

Also, employees can download the third party app, which can be malicious. They can open unsafe links which makes the corporate data and device at risk. Preventing such kinds of actions on corporate devices has become important. Here, Android lockdown solution comes into the picture.

How Android Lockdown Solution helps

Android Lockdown Solutions help businesses in making the devices for dedicated purposes only. Locking down the devices through Android Kiosk Mode allows the users to access only approved applications.

Once you have configured the Android Lockdown into the devices, the intended and unintended misuse of the devices and app settings can be prevented.

42Gears SureLock is a robust and powerful Android Lockdown solution. It helps businesses transform the Android devices into dedicated and purposeful tools.

Key features of SureLock

  • Android smartphones and tablets can be locked down using Kiosk mode.

  • It allows users to use only approved apps, for instance business apps such as inventory tracking apps, calculators etc.

  • Android Single app mode can be set up on the devices, which means only one app. remains active on the screen all time and users won’t be allowed to exit from the app.

  • It restricts and blocks users from playing games, installing or browsing unapproved apps.

  • Bottom Bar can be disable or hidden.

  • Restrict users to change device settings.

  • Only selected Widgets such as battery, Wi-Fi, weather can be shown on SureLock Home Screen.

  • Allowed/Approved apps can be arranged in categories on SureLock Home Screen.

  • Allowed/Approved apps can be made password protected (they only launch once you put the password).

  • Peripheral Lockdown such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-orientation, Flight Mode, Audio, GPS, Mobile Data can be done using SureLock.

Android Lockdown Solution, SureLock powered by 42Gears helps businesses to secure Android device usage by locking them down for non-productive, unintended usage.



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