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Disinfectant-Ready CK65 Mobile Computers

Starting in January 2021, all CK65 mobile computers manufactured by Honeywell, except the ATEX and NI models, were made with disinfectant-ready housings (DRHs).

Therefore, any device with a serial number starting with 21017D8158 features a DRH. Honeywell was the first company in the barcode scanning industry to introduce DRHs, originally as a healthcare solution designed specifically to withstand frequent exposure to any of the recommended cleaning solutions.

The CK65 devices were made to stand up to the demands of new cleaning protocols due to the heightened sensitivity brought on by the pandemic. The CK65 has passed rigorous continuous chemical exposure tests exceeding 500+ hours. The DRHs are built to withstand multiple cleanings per hour, daily, for more than five years and have been approved for 27 cleaning solutions. Refer to the Honeywell Blog for cleaning instructions, and a list of approved cleaning solutions.

It’s important to note that previously a dedicated character was used in the SKUs to indicate that the devices were disinfectant-ready. Going forward, that character won’t appear in the new SKUs, but the device will still be disinfectant-ready. Additionally, all CK65 DR devices had a small graphic in the shape of a teardrop on the front just below the screen. Since all devices are now DR, the small graphic will not be used anymore.

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