4 Reasons for Reseller Partners to Start Offering Managed-MDM Services

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Are you a reseller offering OEM products (hardware and software solutions) to your customers? The most common business model for resellers is to just “resell” products to customers at a marked-up price point. Many of 42Gears’ partners have been in the reselling business for years. The market is now quite saturated with resellers offering almost identical solutions.

A great way to distinguish yourself from the crowd is to offer something of value that no one else does. 42Gears has strengthened relationships with many reseller partners, who now deliver Managed-MDM services to their clients. With a Managed-MDM offering, partners are able to remotely manage multiple end-customers’ devices from a single environment, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Below, we list 4 reasons why Managed-MDM services can be highly beneficial to reseller partners.

Generate More Revenue

If you are just reselling hardware (such as rugged devices) or software solutions, you only make money at the point of sale. By offering continuous device management services, you can generate recurring revenue for your business. Moreover, as the number of managed devices increases, your revenue will increase proportionally.

Customer Stickiness

As a reseller, just reselling hardware or software solutions does not give you any competitive advantage. Any low-balling competitor can underbid you in a deal. However, by offering managed services, you can ensure the customer chooses you for providing a turn-key solution of which the initial cost is only a part. Once customers employ such a solution, they will stay with you for your expertise in managing their devices after deploying them. Since you will be in regular contact with the customer, you can ensure the customer sticks with your company and is not swayed by the competition just based on pricing.

Generate New Opportunities

If you are in regular contact with your customers, you are the first to become aware of any new problems or challenges that those customers might experience. These new challenges and problems could be a great source of new opportunities for you. Being first to know about customer problems greatly improves your chances of successfully selling the tools needed to resolve those problems. When new problems strike, most customers will be happy working with your company rather than exploring new suppliers.

Establish Technology and Market Leadership

Accumulation of knowledge over time is a potential gold-mine. By working with customers and by resolving issues with their mobile device deployments, your team will continually face new scenarios and learn from each one. As your team gains more hands-on knowledge, you will have an opportunity to position yourself as a thought-leader in the mobility space. By becoming one of the first resellers to experience any given customer issue and challenge in the field, you can even design new solutions which may not be available anywhere else. As your portfolio of unique offerings grows, you can win new customers and expand your customer base.

The 4 reasons above show how offering Managed-MDM services can be highly beneficial to resellers. 42Gears SureMDM Hub is an industry-first solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that enables them to offer MDM services to their customers at scale. Setting up SureMDM Hub on cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) is easy. All customer accounts are hosted on a single environment of SureMDM Hub, which avoids the need to set up separate server instances for each customer. Built with the principle of security by design, SureMDM Hub ensures all customer accounts are logically isolated from each other, giving customers their own unique and secure management experiences.

Resellers can benefit immensely by delivering Managed-MDM services to end-customers, thereby adding unique and continuous value to the reseller-customer relationship.

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