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PDC stands at the forefront of label printing and barcode scanning technology, particularly within the demanding and evolving automotive industry. Our product range is extensive, encompassing a variety of solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of automotive production. As the industry's requirements have advanced, PDC has remained a step ahead, continuously upgrading our printers and technologies to stay in sync with these dynamic needs.

Barcode Inspection

As compliance fines increase, businesses are turning to  ODV barcode inspection technology for reliable barcode verification before shipping. The ODV-2D, a unique, cost-effective solution integrated into the robust T8000 and T6000e printer platforms, validates and grades 1D and 2D barcodes to ISO standards. It automatically rejects, overwrites, and reprints non-compliant barcodes, ensuring accuracy and compliance in a compact, efficient process.

Mobile Inspection Labels

Ensuring the trackability and traceability of products throughout the supply chain is paramount, and quality inspection labels play a vital role in this process. PDC provides advanced mobile and stationary solutions that boost confidence in business operations. Our rugged mobile printers, known for their durable build and intelligent battery technology, are designed to ensure seamless and continuous operations.

Media Applications

Our printers provide remarkably reliable performance, from tire labels and window stickers to shipping documentation and invoices.

Whether in extreme temperatures, or dusty, dirty, or humid environments, PDC will have the product you need for all your printing and mobility needs.

Track a tire throughout its life

Maintain an automatic, full-circle inventory record of a tire—from manufacturing through the supply chain, store to consumer. Manage inventory efficiently and gain new insights into which products perform better to optimize buying choices.

Featured Solutions

Printronix LIne Printers

Printronix Line Matrix Printers

Printronix line matrix printers offer rugged, flexible, and affordable printing solutions. They are designed to handle extremely high workloads and operate reliably in harsh environments, withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, and airborne contaminants. This makes them ideal for the demanding conditions often found in automotive manufacturing and component facilities. These printers also offer media flexibility, supporting a range of materials including multi-part forms, wide format, and labels, which are essential in automotive production for tasks like build/broadcast sheet printing. Furthermore, their low consumables cost and energy-efficient operation make them a cost-effective choice for the automotive sector, where minimising operational costs is crucial​.

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Printronix Laser Printers

Printronix Laser Printers

The LP654C, is known as the world's smallest industrial-grade Letter/A4 color printer. Its compact design requires minimal space, making it ideal for tight industrial environments. The LP844C, a tabloid/A3 colour printer, stands out for its small footprint and high-speed colour printing at 36 ppm. Both models can handle heavy media weights and long lengths, ensuring continuous, high-quality printing for high-volume industrial needs like automotive manufacturing. These printers' ability to work on various speciality media, including magnetic media and synthetic paper, further enhances their utility in the automotive sector

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Printronix Serial Dot Matrix

Printronix Serial Dot Matrix Printers

In the automotive industry, Printronix serial dot matrix printers, specifically the S800 Series (S809 and S828), play a crucial role due to their fast, efficient, and reliable printing capabilities. These printers are designed for non-stop performance without overheating, crucial for the high-demand automotive manufacturing environment. They offer the best-in-class ribbon life, minimizing the need for frequent user intervention. Additionally, these printers are about 50% quieter than their competitors, enhancing the work environment. 

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AUI Serial Dot Matrix Printers

These printers, known for their durability and reliability, utilise a dot matrix impact method to produce high-quality prints. The distinctive advantage lies in their ability to create multipart forms, offering businesses cost-effective solutions for document printing. SIDM printers are well-suited for applications requiring carbon copies, making them ideal for invoices, receipts, and other transactional documents.

Fujitsu Serial Dot Matrix Printers

Serial Dot Matrix Printers from Fujitsu offer an array of benefits that cater to diverse printing needs across various industries. These printers are engineered to deliver outstanding quality, reliability, and efficiency, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking exceptional printing solutions.

Compuprint Serial Dot Matrix Printers

These printers, known for their durability and reliability, utilise a dot matrix impact method to produce high-quality prints. The distinctive advantage lies in their ability to create multipart forms, offering businesses cost-effective solutions for document printing. SIDM printers are well-suited for applications requiring carbon copies, making them ideal for invoices, receipts, and other transactional documents.

Honeywell AIDC Products

Honeywell AIDC Products

Precision, accuracy, and quality are imperative in automotive manufacturing. Today, automakers, auto-retailers, OEMs, and suppliers are turning to innovative solutions in their facilities to stay competitive and retain workers from shop floor to top floor.

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TSC Auto ID Products

TSC Printronix Auto ID has been provides barcode printing solutions for the automotive industry. As automotive production requirements have evolved, so have our printers and technology to meet these challenges. The introduction of ODV-2D barcode verification technology is especially important for its ability to print, validate, and generate reports for 2D barcodes.

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TSC  Products

The TSC PEX Series print engine is ideal for automotive manufacturing and logistics, offering fast barcode label production and easy integration into print and apply systems. Furthermore, TSC Printronix Auto ID provides rugged mobile printers like the Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L, suitable for harsh production environments, and their enterprise-grade label printers guarantee reliable and validated results even in demanding assembly line manufacturing.

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Vuzix Smart Glasses

Vuzix Products

Vuzix smart glasses are revolutionizing manufacturing processes by enhancing productivity, quality, and training efficiency. These augmented reality (AR) glasses provide hands-free instructional support directly in the worker's field of view, which is particularly beneficial for complex manufacturing tasks in the automotive sector. These smart glasses also enable real-time remote support and issue resolution, significantly reducing downtime due to maintenance and repairs.

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Urovo Products

Welcome to the innovative realm of Urovo, where cutting-edge technology converges seamlessly with the dynamic needs of the automotive industry. Urovo, a trailblazer in the realm of technology solutions, offers a range of products meticulously designed to revolutionize and elevate operations within the automotive sector. From streamlined warehouse management to precision-driven logistics, Urovo's state-of-the-art devices and solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and empower the automotive industry to navigate the future with unparalleled ease.

Star Micronics

For more than three decades, Star Micronics, a leading global provider of POS hardware, has been dedicated to empowering retailers with efficient and dependable store solutions. Renowned for our commitment to innovation and our unwavering focus on quality, we proudly produce the most extensive array of POS, mPOS, label, and mobile printers on the market today.

Impinj Solutions

By enabling machine-to-machine communications in assembly and manufacturing processes, solutions enabled by Impinj RAIN RFID products transform manufacturing and automotive assembly lines and streamline even the most complex assembly processes. Together with our partners, Impinj brings digital transformation to manufacturing and automotive companies—enabling next-level agility that drives productivity and profit. 

Bartender Software

Track your ingredients, parts, assemblies, and finished products throughout the manufacturing process. Easily generate barcode labels and RFID tags to increase visibility and build a smarter factory. 

42 Gears Software

Want to remotely access Android, Windows, or iOS devices right from your browser? You can do it with the Remote Access feature of SureMDM. The remote device access and monitoring solution allows IT professionals and technicians to take control of computers and mobile devices remotely. With the remote device access capability, the administrator can view the screen of a remote computer, tablet or smartphone, and can also interact with the device remotely using the keyboard and mouse.

Recommended Models

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