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Extend Asset Management Systems to Automatically Track and Locate Every Thing That Matters

Extend the IoT to include every important asset in your organization

Imagine an Internet of Things that includes all the important assets your organization needs to manage. Solutions built by Impinj partners use our platform to track assets as they move through a facility allowing employees to see asset locations in real-time, gain visibility into equipment status, and plan resource use.

Efficiently track assets as they move in or out of cabinets, service rooms, and throughout cleaning and maintenance processes.

Impinj platform — a foundation for IoT solutions

The Impinj platform lays a foundation for IoT solutions development, extending the Internet’s reach from the cloud, through edge connectivity devices, all the way to physical items. Our broad partner ecosystem uses our platform's best-in-market products, capabilities, and technology to deliver whole products that address business needs. Wirelessly connect everyday items to discover, engage with, and protect them. Easy to deploy and use, our platform delivers performance unequalled by mix-and-match approaches built from other vendors’ products.


How Impinj enables RAIN RFID asset management

Tag Assets

Attach Impinj-powered tags to tools, equipment, and other assets. Impinj tag chips are durable, low-cost, and suitable for a wide range of assets.

Read Assets

Use Impinj-powered readers to identify and locate items. Readers can be installed in cabinets, doorways, and ceilings to track assets as they are stored, maintained, and used.

See Assets

Connect accurate, real-time data about assets with enterprise business systems to improve asset utilization and reduce costs.


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