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Samsung Galaxy Active Rugged XCase & Bundle

Updated: Feb 2

Expanding productivity and functionality MobileDemand has introduced the rugged xCase for Samsung Tab Active3 and Samsung Tab Active4 Pro. Similarly to our other xCases, the solution is available in a Bundle, preassembled & ready to deploy or, as the stand-alone xCase. The xCase can then be integrated with your Samsung, by our expert technical team. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active devices are already known to provide a robust solution for enterprise workers, thanks to the practical built-in features, the Samsung tablets are designed for industrial operations.

Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet | Best industrial features

  • Externally the tablet is designed for application in harsh conditions thanks to the IP68 rating and MIL-STD-810H. The Android devices are resistant to water and dust and can withstand 1.5m drops with an inbox cover. This feature is beneficial to workers in outdoor scenarios because the tablet is protected from potential damage endured in the outdoor elements.

  • The Android tablets are engineered with a 5,050mAh swappable battery. Swapping the battery facilitates constant workflow. This is an excellent feature for field workers, often without access to power. The Field workers can carry another fully charged battery and simply switch batteries when on low power. The battery can be used for 11 hours before needing to be swapped.

  • Boasting another power feature, the Samsung Galaxy Active devices can be used without a battery. Users can select “No battery mode” to prevent a swollen battery and then connect the device to a power source directly.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Active tablet screens provide high functionality thanks to the adjustable screen sensitivity. Beneficial for workers that wear gloves, permitting a seamless workflow. The screen can also be set up with facial recognition, which increases security and can be used as an alternative to a password/ pin.

Taking productivity even further the xCase provides additional durability and extra functionality. Overall, increasing opportunities for users.

Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet xCase features

  • The xCase is a combination of a PC/ABS hard plastic outer shell and inner silicone rubber boot that fully encases the tablet providing extreme durability while the rubber port seals offer an additional level of protection from dust and water. Proven rugged the xCase meets MIL-STD-810H drop test standards from 10-feet.

  • Absorbing the impact from potential drops, the raised rubber corner bumpers provide exceptional protection for all edges and screens.

  • The bundled solution is convenient if you want the Samsung Galaxy ready for quick deployment with your chosen configurations & a pre-applied screen protector.

  • The xCase features exceptional compatibility with our wide range of mounting solutions, improving the accessibility of the device and integration into your workflow.

  • Carrying the tablet is easy with the briefcase handle and ergonomic, glove-fitting backhand strap, offering easy and convenient transportation while on the move or actively using the device.

Overall, combining the enterprise Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet & MobileDemand rugged xCase users have the ultimate solution for application in an industrial setting. A Samsung tablet, paired with the exceptional protection and add-on capabilities of the rugged xCase, enables frontline workers to take an enterprise device into more industries than ever before.


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