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Need To Replace Your Dot-Matrix Printers - PDC has the Solution

We understand that you may have been impacted by OKI's departure from the dot-matrix printer market, especially if you have been seeking a suitable replacement for your existing printers.

Printronix, in collaboration with Fujitsu, has developed a seamless solution aimed at swiftly and effortlessly replacing your ageing OKI dot-matrix printers.

Our DL Series products are designed to directly substitute OKI dot-matrix devices, maintaining the OKI driver settings as a standard feature. This means a smooth transition by simply replacing your old device with the new one, requiring no further adjustments.

For comprehensive guidance on replacing legacy OKI dot-matrix printers, we invite you to download our Replacement Guide through the provided link.

Get in touch with your PDC Product Manager to find out how you can ensure your customers can seamlessly replace their legacy OKI devices.

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