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An Advanced Remote Printer Management Experience - TSC Console

Designed specifically for our wide range of TSC printers, the TSC Console enables IT staff to deploy, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot both wired or wireless connections to one or a group of printers. TSC Console lowers IT costs and increases printer uptime with convenient out-of-the-box installation and a simplified Windows graphical user interface. It enhances robustness through integrated management capabilities and ensures that printers are available, reliable and serviceable at all times.

All-around implementation

  • Configure printer settings: Enable users to freely configure TSC printers to meet applications. Allow access to segment printers by model, interface, or custom options.

  • Quick implementation via multiple interfaces: Update firmware or programs via multi-connectivity options, including USB, RS232, LPT, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

  • Troubleshooting: Diagnose via command mode and view printer responses to help with debugging. Identify errors and view printer information via command mode.

  • TSPL label preview: Use TSPL programming language to preview the label design before printing to avoid media waste.

Preventive maintenance

  • Real-time printer health monitoring: Monitor printer health including printhead, platen roller, cutter, smart battery, and usage.

  • Self-diagnostic TPH Care mechanism: Scan and detect printhead bad dots during the printing process, and stop printing when a bad dot is discovered avoiding bad quality barcodes.

  • TSC Sense Care – ID and Count: Show the printhead and cutter’s serial number (ID), which reassures quality commitment from the manufacturer. Track and record TPH odometer and cutter count number for component replacement.

  • TSC Sense Care – Smart Battery Management System (BMS): Monitor and track battery health and remaining capacity over a full shift to avoid downtime.

Actionable data

  • Reporting: Track key component usage for preventive maintenance while media and ribbon consumption for inventory forecast.

TSC Console with Alpha-30L and Alpha-40L



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