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The TSP143IIECO is an easy-to-use thermal POS printer combining Star quality and reliability at an affordable price.  With paper and energy saving features plus a 4 year warranty as standard, the TSP143IIECO  is incredibly simple to set up and comes with everything you need included in the box.

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Simple set-up

The TSP100IIECO works with all major operating platforms plus Star’s futurePRNT free-of-charge, value added softwareincluded with the TSP100 Series far exceeds installation tools normally provided, enabling users to install high volume, custom set-ups.  Software tools include Receipt Re-Design Tool, Auto-Text Reversal™, Coupon Marketing Tool, Journal and Multi-Copy Tool and also offers free of charge access to Star Cloud Services  including Star’s Digital Receipt Service.

The unique TSP100 set-up utility reduces integration time to minutes even for multiple printers as it can simply mirror individual printer settings to multiple units in different locations, if required.

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An extremely reliable POS printer, the TSP143IIECO comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard including cutter and print head*

(*Europe and South Africa)

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Power Management

With Energy Star Certification the TSP143IIECO’s power efficient method means that the printer can revert with the PC to a very low powered standby mode when not in use, “instantly” waking up when needed saving costs and power usage.

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Paper Saving Features

Star has put in place unique paper saving features that could help retailers use up to 70% less receipt paper.  This not only reduces paper costs but means less frequent paper roll changes, lower transportation and logistics costs.

  • Unique 3mm default top margin
    The TSP100ECO is the only partial cut printer to achieve a 3mm top margin saving 8mm of paper for every receipt printed.


  • 80mm to 58mm Auto Reduction
    The TSP100ECO can automatically reduce receipts from 80mm to 58mm without changing the customer’s original receipt software set-up.  Simply tick the required paper reduction in the ECO futurePRNT software and you can choose whether to reduce the receipt vertically to 50% or horizontally to 72.5% or both.


  • Receipts on Demand Printing
    Using its Operator Prompt function, the TSP100ECO prompts the retailer as to whether a receipt is required. The receipt can then be either cancelled or printed providing the perfect solution for low cost consumables where receipts are not essential.  All cancelled receipts can be saved graphically and be reviewed or reprinted. (Note: not all countries will allow this feature so the software may be modified on a regional basis)

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The TSP143IIECO includes a built-in power supply.  In addition a 1.8m Power Cable, USB cable, Vertical Wall Mount Kit, Sample Paper Roll, 58mm Paper Guide, Power Switch Cover and Set Up Instructions are all included in the box so you’re ready to print straight away!

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  • 150mm/second print speed

  • USB Interface

  • Drop-In & Print paper loading

  • Guillotine Autocutter (MCBF 2 million cuts)

  • Internal power supply

  • Unique futurePRNT software included

  • Free of charge access to Star Cloud Services including AllReceipts Digital Receipting

  • Fully Energy Star Compliant

  • 4 year warranty including print head and cutter (Europe and South Africa)

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