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A single code carries two types of data: public and private.

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A single QR Code can carry public data and private data. The private data can be read-only with a dedicated reader having the cryptographic key, which provides data protection. Since SQRC looks exactly the same as the regular QR Code, it can prevent forgery and tampering.

Face Authentication SQRC
Information from facial feature points is QR-coded to achieve safe and secure authentication

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Face Authentication SQRC realizes easy, secure authentication
Face Authentication SQRC is an application that converts information on facial feature points into the compact SQRCdata format, achieving ID authentication with no need for a server or other equipment.

Face Authentication SQRC is beneficial particularly for customers who:
・Desire to introduce a face authentication security system with ease
・do not want to newly install a server or other equipment


Advantages of Face Authentication SQRC

・No server needed because authentication is performed offline
・Low risk of personal information leakage because no registration or management of face data in a server is required
・Speedy authentication
・Stable operation even when a network failure occurs
・Concealed authentication information

Application examples


Access control to a factory or other sites, which limits access to only those authorised


Access control to rooms where confidential information is handled


Enhancement of efficiency of the individual identification process at stores where the business involves receiving and paying cash, etc.