Q platform is a cloud server that can generate and read QR Code, FrameQR, and SQRCs. It is possible to collect data on when each QR Code was created and how many times it has been read by accessing the generation and read logs, which visualize user trends and the effects of the services that were difficult to analyze.

Potential Customers

  • ▪We want to start services using QR Code, but we do not know how to do it.

  • ▪We cannot afford to develop a new system for creating codes or the tasks for maintaining a server.

  • ▪We want to use unique QR Code to differentiate our services from our competitors.

Differentiation from competitors by introducing new QR Code

Proprietary codes from DENSO WAVE, including FrameQR that can contain images and SQRCs having a security function, are available.

Visualization of user trends and service effects

It is possible to accumulate logs on when each code was created, how many copies have been made, and how many times the code has been read.

Simple and quick introduction, and cloud services

Producers can provide consumers with their brand values, commitment and passion. Consumers can select products that carry senses of safety and security by identifying their producers.

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