Q-revo Protection

Q-revo protection

Checking authenticity with a QR code and smartphone
Cloud-type anti-forgery service

Service Outline

A difficult-to-forge code with high security and traceability of creation and reading is realized using an independent code and cloud system, providing superior security at a low cost, improving brand trust and building a relationship of trust with consumers.

High security, independent code, and cloud monitoring

With a cloud system based on FrameQR and holograms, it is difficult to forge codes. Forgery is monitored by analyzing the read data.

Easy checking with a smartphone

The service can be implemented by attaching FrameQR on the products. Consumers can easily check the information. Linkage with mobile services is also possible.

Raising the brand value

A relationship of trust with consumers can be built through linkage with promotions and events.

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