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Printing with SAP®- Easily realised with Microplex

It is always a challenge to print on special materials and formats with SAP. If there is the desire or need of printing, for example, bar code labels on laser printer or thermal printer or delivery notes, packing lists or invoices on continuous printers there often must be special interventions in the system. Datastreams have to be rewritten and special programming has to be done.

This takes time and especially money Microplex printer are utilising a special property of SAP® systems: the excellent support of the Emulations PCL5e and PCL5c. This PCL5 Emulations are supported by all Microplex printer technology. That means for you: regardless which print system is sending your data, the common basis is PCL5. PCL5 is supported by Microplex Laser printers as well as Microplex thermal printers, cutsheet and continuous. Some significant applications are for example:

  • Invoice printing

  • Delivery note printing

  • Labelling of chemicals (GHS)

  • Barcode labelling

  • VDA label

  • KLT label

  • GTL label (VDA type with 2D Barcodes)

  • Shipping label

  • Palette label

All of this documents can easily be prepared by your SAP® system in PCL5. You have the full choice of printing labels on thermal printer or continuous laser printer…. without special software- or driver adaptation. It’s possible to print the data without transformation on different print technologies (thermal, laser, cutsheet, continuous). With conventional printing systems you have to change the data for every change of technology. Also Barcode printing is very easy with Microplex printers. You have the possibility to send the barcode information as graphic to the printer. It is more efficient and causes less network traffic to use commands for barcodes. Microplex printer are delivered with the so called JetCAPS functionality as standard. JetCaps extended PCL5 by commands for barcode generation. With Microplex you have access on several print systems, you can comfortably meet your requirements.

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