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PDC Establishes a Dedicated Technical Support Division

Updated: Sep 19

Following its acquisition by Bidvest as a separate business unit in the Bidvest Paperplus division, PDC has restructured its operation to position it for growth. One of the key highlights is the establishment of a dedicated Technical Support division, which will oversee all pre-sales, warranties, and support contracts for its channel partners. This strategic move supports our commitment to enhancing customer experience, fostering stronger relationships with partners, and driving future success. We recognise that a reliable and efficient technical support system is crucial in the mission-critical sectors in which we operate. By centralising pre-sales support, warranty management, and post-sales assistance, we can ensure a seamless experience for customers throughout their entire journey. This streamlined approach guarantees that customers receive consistent and reliable support, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions and resolve any issues promptly. In line with our restructuring, we aim to strengthen relationships with channel partners by providing a centralised system and single point of contact for all support-related matters. This centralised system will go a long way to enhance communication and coordination between PDC and our channel partners, fostering trust, reliability, and mutual growth. Furthermore, our Technical Support division can implement rigorous training programs for staff, guaranteeing that they possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist customers effectively. By overseeing warranties and support contracts, we can monitor and improve upon our offerings, driving continuous improvement in product quality and reliability. With our restructured framework and the establishment of a Technical Support division, we have positioned the company for future growth by differentiating ourselves from competitors, which we are confident will result in a competitive edge in the market that benefits our customers. For more information about our Technical Support division, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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