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Let's make Your Thermal Transfer Ribbon Offering Truly Different

Adopting Inkanto brings several benefits to your company. Firstly, it enhances your Thermal Transfer ribbon portfolio, strengthening your product offerings. This allows you to provide your customers with the most consistent and reliable solutions in the market, building their loyalty to your brand.

Additionally, by choosing Inkanto, you can leverage the expertise and 35 years of experience that ARMOR has in developing Thermal Transfer ribbons. This ensures that you are delivering products made with the highest quality standards.

Moreover, Inkanto enables you to offer innovative services to your customers, further enhancing their overall experience.


There is a broad spectrum of options available within the thermal transfer ribbon range, and our team can help assess exactly what you need to ensure that you choose the correct ribbon type for your clients' applications.

When we break down the different types of ribbons, you’ll see there are three distinct types :

WAX - Economy & Quality

Commonly used in barcode and price tag printing systems.

WAX-RESIN - Performance and versatility

RESIN - Resistance and durability

TEXTILE RESIN - for fabric labels


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