Accelerating your value chain transformation

andardised labeling processes across the supply chain can help achieve the

accuracy and efficiency goals of Lean and Six Sigma programs and provide the

interoperability that’s crucial to delivering value in today’s build-to-order and

JIT supply environments.

Having the right labeling system in place—one that is secure, proven and reliable, that

integrates completely with existing systems and workflows to enable single source of

truth data management and closed loop workflows, and that scales and adapts to

evolving business practices—can be the difference between a successful labeling

system that simplifies the supply chain and a complicated one that creates costs.

BarTender: The heart of your

value chain transformation

BarTender barcode and label software is an integral component of the logistics,

warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability labeling strategies of

the world’s supply chains.

BarTender can help you accelerate your value chain transformation, providing

integrated business planning and interoperability while offering ease of

deployment and legendary technical support, all backed by industry expertise—

we understand the competitive, rapidly changing and complex operating

environments of today’s supply chains.

Seamless integration with ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Infor and HighJump

enables automation at the enterprise level, providing increased labeling

accuracy while also improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain. BarTender’s

centralized control connects your business data with a wide variety of printers—

whether you have one printer at a single plant or thousands of printers at facilities

around the world.

The regulated supply chain

BarTender enables compliance with

the expanded security requirements of the labeling processes in regulated

environments. Companies in food service, production and processing, and

pharma, personal care and medical device manufacturing rely on BarTender’s layers

of configurable settings to add broad protections to the printing environment,

with security features ranging from basic print-only settings to complex role-based

permissions with label format encryption.

The BarTender Enterprise Automation and Automation editions include complete

audit trail capture, allowing you to respond quickly during a recall or site inspection

with pinpoint track and trace accuracy. No matter where in the world you do business

or which regulations you must meet, BarTender enables traceability compliance.

Transforming the value chain

Today’s enterprise must be agile: We live in a time of rapid change,

with increasing intricacy throughout the supply chain. We don’t live in

a build-to-stock world anymore. And yet, companies are under

pressure for reducing time to market. It’s a challenge to

streamline and simplify in the face of so much complexity and the

demands of agile response.

Build-to-order and just-in-time environments require consistent,

measurable data that’s readily accessible. BarTender enables single source

of truth data management, between nodes of the supply

chain and within the organisation. BarTender’s support for cross-functional

data exchange and interoperability provides the ability to deploy tracking deeply into every

phase of the production cycle:

  • R&D

  • Procurement

  • Inbound logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Outbound distribution

  • Marketing and sales

  • After sales service

BarTender provides the internal and business-to-business interoperability and tracking that are crucial to a lean and efficient supply chain.

Powerfull Intelligent Templates™

The ability to rapidly react to fluctuations in supply and demand dynamics and

inventory turns can reduce throughput times and associated costs. BarTender’s

Intelligent Templates provide unmatched versatility and control over label design and automation.

  • Produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate documents Enable rapid deployment of label design, data and format

  • changes enterprise-wide in response to shifting business needs—and maintain data integrity

  • Leverage conditional printing to create a wide variety of labels from a single design, without the complications of maintaining a separate document for each label.

  • Easily support complex printing scenarios by telling templates, layers and even individual objects when to print based on a single data source or database field, or based on multiple conditions— all without scripting

  • Password-protect layers to prevent unauthorised edits

  • Share global data fields such as incrementing serial numbers among all documents

Control and compliance

BarTender allows you to consolidate management

of your system’s labeling processes and workflows, deploying the business rules

and process controls that streamline and create value, reducing redundant and

duplicated activities.

The centralized control of BarTender’s Enterprise Automation and Automation

editions connects your business data with a wide variety of printers and

marking devices—standardize formats, symbologies and security features throughout

the enterprise while maintaining the ability to meet geographic variances such as language, regulations and units of measure, whether you have one device at a single site or thousands at facilities around the world


Seamless integration with ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, Epicor, Infor and HighJump

enables automation at the enterprise level, providing proper support for mission critical processes, increasing labeling accuracy and improving efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Reference: seagullscientific

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