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5 Best Practices for Improving the Efficiency of Cold Chain Storage

Cold transport and logistics manage highly heat-sensitive goods, requiring high-quality standards, complex procedures, and precise regulations. Therefore, it is essential for companies that operate with this type of product and want to be competitive to organise each phase of the cold chain.

In this article, we will see how to coordinate the cold chain, identify the most effective systems for storing frozen products, and which best practices to activate to avoid an interruption of the cold chain.


1. Automatic storage and handling systems

Low temperatures often risk compromising the productivity and quality of manual activities. Thus, to safeguard the overall performance of the warehouse, it is advisable to maximise operating speed as much as possible through automation. Automatic systems such as stacker cranes for pallets, horizontal transport systems, voice picking, and radio frequency can optimise time, lower costs, and significantly reduce the margin of error. PDA solutions can manage the entire storage and warehousing process. The operation results are returned to the system in real time. In this way, the operational process can be tracked, verified, and displayed.

2. Cold resistant equipment

3. Traceability of goods and exhaustive control of processes

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