inAni brings Point Mobile to Africa

inAni has launched the Point Mobile range of rugged mobile computers for the African market. Ranging from Bluetooth scanners to full industrial mobile computers designed for harsh and extreme environments, the range has been developed with the operating environment and end user in mind.

"We have all seen how mobility has impacted on how people work and the efficiency and flexibility it brings to businesses of all sizes. While enterprise mobility has been obviously beneficial for knowledge workers, it's having even more of an impact in areas such as warehouse and inventory management," says inAni's Gavin Smoothey.

From retail stores to warehouses, logistics depots and distribution centres, manufacturing lines, factories and many other asset tracking environments, mobile devices are improving supply chains, enabling efficiencies and improving day-to-day operations. However, these environments require robust, fit-for-purpose devices, Smoothey says.

"Many companies have been using mobile computing devices to electronically capture data on assets and resources and upload them over wireless networks. Thanks to the raging successes of smartphones and tablets, as well as the rise of improved wireless networks, these types of solutions are being evaluated more and more. However, all mobile computers are not created equal, and only rugged devices that have been specifically designed for the environments they are intended to operate in will offer the full benefits of implementing a mobility solution."

Point Mobile, a leading manufacturer of enterprise mobility devices, has conducted product and market research in order to offer devices built to the highest specification for their market segments. Designed to meet customer needs and future market requirements, these devices use the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of performance.

The PM260, for example, is ideal for warehouses, logistics depot and distribution centres, manufacturing lines, factories and any asset tracking environments. Suitable for receiving, stock-taking, pricing, stock replenishment at shop floor as well as loading and unloading items in/out, the PM260 is affordable and boasts a number of features such as fast roaming wireless LAN, VoiP support with Bluetooth wireless headset, multiple function keys for short-cut program access and a robust ergonomic design.

Similarly, the PM450, an ultra-rugged handheld terminal designed for the harshest working environments, is ideal for transportation, logistics, distribution centres, manufacturing, government, and many others. With two different sets of keypads and a scanner that comes in standard range laser (2.5m), 1D / 2D imager (4m) and extra range 1D/2D imager (15m), the PM450 also supports VoIP with a built in mic and speaker.

The PM200 is a pocket-sized mobile computer boasting an ergonomic design for single-handed use. This device has been designed so that it is easy to hold, allowing for comfortable and effortless operation with one hand. The PM200 features an angled scanning engine, as 1D and 2D barcodes have different scanning angles, improving wrist comfort during intensive scanning work such as stock-counting and asset management.

Despite its small size, the PM200 is robust and rugged, tested to 1.5 meter drops to concrete and across the operating temperature range, built with a crack-resistant LCD. With an IP64 water/dust proof sealing seal, the PM200 is dust-tight and can survive complete immersion in water.

The PM3, a stylish and trendy handheld Bluetooth scanner, supports multi-platform applications and can be paired with android and Apple via MFI certification. It comes in three options: 1D Laser, 1D CCD and 1d/2d imager. The PM3 is IP54 rated for water/dust proofing and offers a 1.5m drop resistance

"Point Mobile has a mobile device for every need. From the light weight PM40, a versatile pocket mobile computer which has a 2.8" screen and weighs only 200g, to the PM80, an ultra-rugged smartphone utilising Corning Gorilla glass with built in 1D/2D barcode scanners and imagers, NFC and an encrypted 3 track magnetic stripe reader, to the many other robust handheld terminals, Point Mobile's range of mobile computers are designed for efficiency and toughness, making them ideal for use in every industry. An inAni approved brand, Point Mobile is perfect for African business operations, whatever their sector," Smoothey says.


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