High quality thermal printing at a guaranteed reasonable cost

Thermal Transfer printing is used by every manufacturer in the world to provide information such as barcodes, serial numbers, expiry dates, composition, price, recipient, and so on. Used mainly for labels and flexible packaging, Thermal Transfer printing relies on high quality ribbons to ensure that all that information is legible, and lasts.

There are a number of different types of ribbons for different uses, explains Frikkie Koegelenberg, CCO of PDC. "Whether printing on vellum, coated paper, synthetics or textiles, the ribbon must be able to provide a print that lasts. Thermal transfer ribbons look very much the same on the outside, but the properties of the thermal transfer film differ. Each will have a different back coating, polyester film, ink layer and core. These are what need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the right ribbon for the right application."

He adds that ribbons are available for flat head and near edge printers, offering high performance in terms of speed, sensitivity, versatility, and blackness. These can be used for a variety of different applications. Versatility is also one of the main features in the flat head resin ribbon, Koegelenberg says. "This ribbon provides outstanding print quality and durability on a wide range of label materials and is compatible with all barcode flat head printers. It can print high resolution images, at a dense blackness, with an outstanding level of smudge and scratch resistance."

With most industries relying on high quality printing for labels and barcodes, including distribution, logistics, food processing, health, electronics, household appliances, automotive, machine tools, chemicals, cosmetics, horticulture, textiles and aeronautics, PDC has introduced a range of ribbons to allow African companies to access world-class thermal printing at a reasonable cost. Produced in one of the industry's most organised and independently acclaimed factories, the inAni range of ribbons offers guaranteed quality.

"The inAni ribbons are manufactured to the highest standards, offer minimum impact on the environment, provide superior quality printing, and are geared for the African market. Not only are they world-class thermal transfer ribbons, we are promising our African customers that the price of the ribbons will not go up for the whole of 2016, regardless of what politics does to the South African exchange rate. By selecting the right media-ribbon combination, businesses across the continent can be assured that their labels and packaging and so on will stand the test of time," Koegelenberg concludes.


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