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Nulitics Augmented Reality Software


In today's dynamic business landscape, the adoption of augmented reality (AR) technology has ushered in a new era of possibilities. Our cutting-edge AR solution offers a range of transformative capabilities for mobile network operators (MNOs) to provide exceptional services to their clients. 

By leveraging AR, connect remote workers seamlessly, enable expert assistance in complex tasks, optimise warehousing and logistics, enhance training and supervision, establish shared operational understanding, and prioritise safety in all operations. These capabilities not only boost efficiency and productivity but also open up exciting avenues for growth and innovation across various industries.

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XR - Remote Assist

With a focus on innovation and efficiency, our platform offers unparalleled remote support capabilities accessible through a wide range of wearable devices.


By harnessing AR's power, we aim to deliver exceptional results for your business. Our solution is designed to reduce response times, upskill remote staff, and significantly cut down on travel costs. Achieve a quick return on investment by minimising downtime and optimising resource utilisation. 


Enhance employee training through direct knowledge transfer and record remote sessions for both audit and training purposes. Our remote experts can annotate in real-time and in 3D, bridging knowledge gaps and reducing decision-making latency. 


Furthermore, our platform enables seamless collaboration with third-party experts outside your organisation through a web-based interface, unlocking new service concepts and revenue streams. 


Embrace XR - Remote Assist and transform the way your business operates, ensuring a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.

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XR - Service

Welcome to our transformative solution, designed to enhance business efficiency through comprehensive service and maintenance support. 


By digitising maintenance manuals and enabling planned service processes, we provide your workforce with accessible and dynamic step-by-step instructions right in their line of sight. Our platform offers guidance through tasks, checklists, videos, photos, and options, all tailored to optimise performance. 


Capture important moments with screenshots, video recordings, voice notes, and text transcriptions, ensuring thorough documentation and easy sharing of critical information. Seamlessly integrate with existing data systems for streamlined workflows and generate custom reports for in-depth analysis. 


Whether in offline or online mode, our solution ensures continuous productivity and data synchronisation to cloud or on-premise servers. Elevate your business's maintenance and service capabilities with our cutting-edge solution.

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XR - Custom Training / In-Field Assessment 

Embracing the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we offer custom-developed solutions and minimum viable products (MVPs) tailored to your specific needs. 


With AR at the core, we enable the creation of digital twins for assets and buildings, providing a virtual representation for training and assessment purposes. 


Our platform introduces interactable 3D models with intuitive voice commands, empowering trainees to learn and engage effortlessly. Furthermore, we optimise logistics with AR-based vision picking, enhancing productivity and accuracy in operations. 


Embrace XR - Custom Training and In-Field Assessment, and embark on a journey of transformation and growth, empowering your workforce with cutting-edge AR technology.

AR Applications in Various Industries

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Manufacturing: Optimising Processes and Maintenance

AR in manufacturing offers reduced cost and risk, improved worker engagement, instant object recognition, remote productivity, lifelike simulations, better training, and increased on-the-job efficiency.

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Telecom: Improving Field Services and Support

AR in Telecoms brings enhanced visualisation, real-time information access, and remote assistance for improved collaboration. By leveraging digital twin and IoT technologies, comprehensive asset management and predictive maintenance are achieved, ensuring optimised operations and risk management. 

Image by Sigmund

Utilities: Enhancing Asset Management

AR in Utilities brings transformative benefits. It enhances asset management with real-time monitoring and streamlined maintenance. Remote assistance empowers field workers for improved efficiency, while AR overlays provide valuable insights for decision-making. Training is also optimised, ensuring a skilled workforce. Embrace AR to elevate performance and safety in the utility sector.

Image by Olga Guryanova

Healthcare: Assisting Medical Professionals

It serves as an invaluable assistance tool for surgeons, providing real-time guidance and precision during procedures. Additionally, AR facilitates precise vein detection, streamlining medical interventions. Patient consultations are elevated through interactive visualisation, enhancing communication between medical professionals and their patients.

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Retail: Revolutionising Customer Experiences

AR in Retail delivers immersive shopping experiences, enticing customers with virtual product try-ons and efficient in-store navigation. Optimised store layouts and AR analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. Embrace AR to drive sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in a competitive retail landscape.





Our companion app for Android and iOS enables easy setup and communication between your smartphone and Vuzix Blade. 

Manage your Vuzix smart glasses right from your smartphone: Easily configure settings, manage notifications, remotely control apps, and more.

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