Centralising and standardising pharmaceutical labelling

In today’s pharmaceutical marketplace, labelling plays a more critical role than ever before.
It is an essential tool for ensuring patient safety and pharmaceutical supply chain traceability.

Would you like to:

    • Reduce the cost and time of label design?

    • Streamline regulatory compliance, lower risks and increase quality?

    • Instil agility into the labelling process, for a faster time-to-market and increased sales?

    • Increase supply chain efficiency through a standardised labelling process?


Create a standardised labeling environment

Simplify the label design and label changes process

  • Design complex labels that can be used across any printer brand or model in minutes, without coding.

  • Use universal templates and the graphical “label comparison” tool to consolidate label designs and reduce the number of label variations.

  • Improve speed and flexibility in making label changes.

Streamline quality assurance processes

  • Digitise and standardise label approval processes to avoid manual quality assurance and mislabeling.

  • Control and streamline label lifecycle management using the centralised, digital label catalog.

  • Keep full control of all label changes and get full traceability and visualisation of every label ever printed.

Comply with regulatory


  • Easily maintain a validated and compliant labeling solution with our validation acceleration pack and validation services.

Integrate labeling with serialisation and aggregation systems

  • Unite label design, approval, maintenance, serialisation and aggregation on one platform.

  • Avoid doing verification runs on the production lines - decouple the layout from the production line set-up and handle label design and verification process offline.

  • Digitise label approval workflows and automate the deployment of the right label templates for the right products to the lines.

Extend standardised labeling to your business partners

  • Extend standardised labeling to contract manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers within minutes.

  • Improve supply chain efficiency, while reducing labor and inventory costs.

  • Guarantee accurate labels regardless of suppliers’ printers and IT infrastructure.

Are you ready to transform your labeling?

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