Improve patient safety, comfort and staff efficiency

NiceLabel's label design and printing solutions are used to improve safety, comfort and efficiency at every stage of a patient’s hospital journey. Bar codes are being used to help reduce identification mistakes as well as to speed up hospital processes from admission to discharge.

NiceLabel patient identification solutions are the first step of many patient-safety initiatives. Incorporating bar codes or RFID tags in addition to text provides a vital extra safeguard against mistaken identity errors, and governments are increasingly going as far as to demand bar code wristband identification in all of their hospitals.

Medical records which include a printed bar code label are a more reliable way of ensuring that each patient’s record is uniquely identified and tracked.


NiceLabel is used around the world to provide dependable and accurate identification in the following areas:

Patient identification

Blood-bag allocation labels

Laboratory specimens

Medical records

Pharmacy labels

Staff identification

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