Inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to operate: the SOLID F40 is the most economical printer in its class. 

As a continuous laser printer for medium printing volumes, it covers a very broad spectrum of deployment areas. The powerful MPC Controller guarantees connection versatility, easy system integration and high printing performance. Cold fusing via Xenon flash lamps also enables thermally sensitive materials such as plastic or PVC to be used. And fusing is also trouble-free even on thick materials.

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Microplex SOLID F40

Continuous Laser Printer

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Ideal for:

  • Label batch printing

  • Ticket printing

  • Business and logistics documents

  • Replacement printer of choice for discontinued laser printers

  • Perfect upgrade from matrix printers to laser


  • Most economical cold fusing printer on the market  

  • Prints on paper, PVC, plastic, etc.

  • USB, Ethernet (10/100 Mbit) as standard

  • Laser and matrix printer compatible

  • SAP® with the standard PCL5e emulation

  • Perfect control via Status Out

  • Optional IPDS emulation making it the printer of choice for IBM solutions

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