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Microplex SOLID 52A4 

Cutsheet Laser Printer

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Why Microplex?

The MPC (MICROPLEX PRINT CONTROLLER) is the result of our long time experience and development work. For more than 20 years our whole knowledge is bundled in the MPC and we will keep it up to date continuously which very often is ahead of the time.

The main tasks of the MPC are to rasterize incoming print files (known as Raster Image Processor) as well as to control and monitor the output device. For the printers, we use an embedded controller as hardware. The therefore required software is called firmware. All emulations and functions – some as an option – are included in the firmware.


When just-in-time applications and top printing performance really matters, the SOLID 52A4 professional laser printer is the perfect choice: the first page is printed in less than 6 seconds and this model boasts printing speeds of up to 52 pages per minute. It combines the highest level of reliability with versatile paper handling capabilities. 

Optional face-up output and the GPIO (SPS control) option provide with the unique Microplex controller supplying the intelligence for integrating the SOLID 52A4 in production lines where control and “hand shake” is the absolute requirement.

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Ideal for:

Paper exit face-up and face-down
Integration with GPIO bi-directional communication
Special paper sizes like A6, KLT (74 x 210 mm)
printing with different emulations (PCL5, IGP, IPDS, ...)


  • Optional WIFI, PDF direct print

  • Duplex printing standard

  • Flexible extension options for paper feed and tray

  • Full integration in production lines through GPIO / Status-Out

Document output in face-up (optional) and face-down

If it is important for your application that the print output is face-up, the SOLID 52A4 is the right solution. Due to the flexible mechanics, printouts can be output both face-up (optional) and face-down.

Communication with your system via GPIO interface

The SOLID 52A4 reacts to your signal. Thanks to the integrated GPIO interface, which is available as an option, the printout of the SOLID 52A4 can be synchronized with any PLC-controlled system and starts printing after a signal. Printed pages are acknowledged by an electrical signal.

Compact integration into logistics systems

The printouts of the SOLID 52A4 can be taken directly from the printer. This means that systems can be designed very compactly and neatly without having to construct complex paper handling.

Maximum paper capacity up to 4300 sheets from up to 5 cassettes.

The SOLID 52A4 can be equipped with up to 4 additional cassettes in addition to the standard 550-sheet cassette. This can either be up to 4 cassettes per 550 sheets or a large paper feed for 2100 sheets plus 3 more cassettes per 550 sheets.

The cartridges can be controlled individually, so you can stock up to 5 different formats or types of paper in the printer.

The cassettes can also be virtually combined to form a large cassette. This gives your SOLID 52A4 "one" cartridge with 4300 sheets of paper. It can print large jobs for a long time without adding paper.

Switching the individual cassettes is done automatically.

Line printer Replacement with SOLID 52A4

Why should some line printers or line printers be replaced with a SOLID 52A4 cut-sheet laser printer?

There are applications that can be operated much more efficiently with a Microplex single-sheet laser printer than is possible with a continuous dot-matrix printer.

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