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Ready-to-deploy Lenovo tablet, rugged case and screen protector

The power and mobility of the Lenovo Tab K10 ZA8R0031GB with the strength and ruggedness of a MobileDemand case and glass screen protector. To help you be more productive we deliver your rugged K10 Tab bundle assembled and ready to deploy with all the pre-configuration and accessories you need.

lenovo-11 (1).png

Our new Lenovo Tab K10 Enterprise Tablet ZA8R0031GB bundle allows you to concentrate on your project rollout rather than assembling a rugged case and applying a screen protector. Fitting a tablet in a case can be tricky as enclosures are tight-fitting and screen protectors commonly attract dust and bubbles. Leave it to our installation experts to build the device for you in a dust-controlled environment for a damage and frustration-free experience.

Our Lenovo bundle includes the Tab K10 10.3″ Android 11 tablet a protective rugged case including a carry handle back of hand strap and protected ports, rubber corner bumpers for added shock absorption and a glass screen protector. No matter where your work takes you this rugged bundle is easy to carry and use with multiple accessories for mounting. Our Lenovo Bundle is ready to be a perfect option for anyone in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, education, retail, field service, or transport and logistics.

Lenovo Tab K10 Enterprise Tablet

– 4GB RAM / 64GB storage
– Android 11
– MediaTek Helio P22T 8-core Processor
–  10.3” IPS display, 1920 x 1200
– Wi-Fi and 4G

MobileDemand Rugged Case and Screen Protector Key Features

– Multiple configurations to meet your exact needs. Take a look at the video.
– Superior protection with large shock-absorbing bumpers. Learn More:  Lenovo-K10-xCase
– Variety of add-ons and accessories available.
– High-strength, scratch-resistant glass screen protector. Other film versions are available.

All selected components will come pre-assembled. Lenovo UK AC charger. 

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