A next-generation QR Code with both design
flexibility and security

This code has an area, or a frame, for holding an image. Since the shape and color of the frame can be changed flexibly, the code has a variety of applications.
[Potential Customers]

・We want to integrate a QR Code and an illustration.
・We want to make our QR Code stand out so that more people scan it.
・With only a black and white QR Code, you are not certain what it means.

The code can hold an image inside a frame that is flexible in terms of shapes.

Since the Q platform Server issues codes, security is ensured. The server also provides a reading function.

In addition to the features of the QR Code, error correction, Kanji/Kana representation, and 360-degree reading are provided.

Let's read FrameQR!

1. Download the dedicated reader "Q."

2. Let's read various FrameQR.

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