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Compuprint 2056e Dot Matrix Printer

24-pin print-head technology


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Compuprint 2056e satisfies typical needs in hospitals, hotels,
retail stores, as well as in industrial and logistics environments. To these modern needs belongs the network capability which is available with 3 classic interfaces together in the standard model PRT2056EN. An entry model which serves the request for pure local connections like USB is available as well.


As a very economical printer, the Compuprint 2056e helps to
save money with its long-life ribbon of 10 million characters
and its low power consumption.

Compuprint 2056e is the best choice for printing applications
using multipart forms, single sheets, labels and envelopes. 

  • 24 pins print-head technology

  • 80 columns

  • 400 cps at 10cpi

  • Complete and flexible paper handling (fanfold and cut sheet)

  • Ribbon life: 10 MC

  • 1+5 copies capability

  • Wide range of fonts and barcodes

  • Simple to use

  • Interface configurations:

    • Parallel, Ser, USB, LAN

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