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Secure Enterprise Web Browser


Restrict users to only specific approved websites and set up secure browser kiosk lockdown mode on your devices.

Unsafe Internet use is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. While customers and employees need access to work-related websites and web apps, there are many distracting websites that hurt productivity. Plus, even well-meaning users can download malware by accident, putting sensitive business data at risk. This is where a kiosk browser lockdown app can be invaluable.

Businesses can harness the power of the Internet by installing a kiosk browser app on employee- and customer-facing devices. This locks down devices, turning them into dedicated and secure web kiosks.


In other words, users experience a stripped-down Internet browser that only allows access to the websites or web apps that admins approve in advance. For firms focused on field services, the kiosk browser can play a critical role by securely delivering web apps to field workers.

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Benefits of Using a Kiosk Browser Solution

With SureFox kiosk browser software, businesses can make the Internet available wherever and whenever users need it, without the risks often tied to Internet use. These include: 

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Save Money

by making inexpensive off-the-shelf devices into secure web-enabled kiosks.


Maximise device uptime

By blocking potential malware downloads.


Improve user productivity
by restricting users to only the site(s) or web app(s) admins add to an “allow list” in advance..


Optimise browser settings

with analytics tools that show how users interact with the kiosk browser app.

Mobile Application Management

Deploy, manage, and secure apps on devices


Flexible Lockdown

Sort approved websites and web apps into an “Allow list,” and sort prohibited ones into a “Block list.”


Dynamic Filtering

Thanks to its optional keyword filtering features, SureFox can automatically determine whether a website or web app contains blocked terms, and block access.


Analytics-Driven Decision Making:

As users interact with the kiosk browser, SureFox records data about the way it’s used for you to review and analyze later. This can help you figure out whether the app is serving the purpose you need it to.

Learn how we can help you lockdown devices into kiosks and prevent unauthorised access.

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