42Gears Helps Retailers Modernise the Customer Shopping Experience

When it comes to the retail industry, the customer’s experience and level of satisfaction is of paramount importance. All retail chains and outlets vie for footfalls and site visits. Such chains and outlets spend large amounts of money on marketing and advertising, as well as enhancing in-store displays to make the overall shopping experience more pleasant.


What elevates some firms above the rest, however, is the ability to integrate technology into both the customer’s shopping experience and the staff’s workflows. 42Gears helps brick-and-mortar stores use mobile devices in innovative ways. With our products, stores can expend less effort on dealing with the misuse of corporate devices, and instead focus on providing the best and most efficient customer experience possible.  

Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Not Afraid To Put Customers in Control

To enhance their customers’ shopping experience, brick-and-mortar stores are now deploying tablets across stores that link customers’ digital and physical experiences. Among many other implementations, these devices function as interactive kiosks, product displays, and near-field communication (NFC) tag readers.


These customer-facing devices can provide a compelling experience for customers. Our products help manage multiple devices throughout the value chain, including devices used in warehouses, logistics, merchandising, in-store experiences and business operations. SureFox by 42Gears allows retailers to lock down devices so that those devices can only access approved web pages, and can make that access contingent on proximity to specific NFC tags. SureMDM by 42Gears allows you to control all the devices in a store’s network remotely. SureLock by 42Gears prevents customers and staff from using unauthorised applications.

Use NFC Tags with SureFox

NFC or Near Field Communication is the ability of two devices to send data to each other when they are brought into close proximity. Nowadays, NFC is generally used in the form of NFC tags, which can be read by mobile devices such as Android-based tablets and smartphones. NFC usage varies from launching specific websites to providing Wi-Fi configurations to visitors at a café.

Web applications running in SureFox can take advantage of NFC tags. SureFox can lock down company-issued devices to permit access to only allowed web pages, and NFC tags can be configured to launch those webpages. Each product then can have an NFC tag encoded with an Internet URL pointing to a web page containing detailed information about the product. The customer can pick up the device when entering the store, put the locked-down Android device close to the product, and view detailed product information in the device’s SureFox browser.

Device Security

Use our products to prevent the misuse of mobile devices by taxi drivers by locking in-taxi devices down to only pre-approved applications. We allow you to password-protect device settings so that they cannot be modified by drivers intentionally or unintentionally. You can set devices to be used exactly the way you want in terms of permitted applications and content. This will help you protect your devices from malware, giving them longer life and better performance.

Diagnostics and Reporting

We help you ensure that your devices are always fit for use by regularly monitoring the health of your fleet’s devices. You will also get alerts and notifications when drivers cross data consumption thresholds. Improve process efficiency by collecting data and performing diagnostics, and then generate reports based on that data. You can use these reports to optimise your fleet’s operations and keep your expenses in check.

Device Deployment and Management

42Gears provides easy mass-configuration options so that your devices can be set up in no time and can quickly be ready-to-use for drivers. After deployment, managing these devices is simple and easy with our centralised web console. All devices can be tracked and monitored in real-time. Wiping data, pushing software and taking control of devices can all be done remotely in bulk, without needing to attend to each device individually, saving you precious time.

Support and Maintenance

We help you maintain and support a large number of devices spread across different cities with ease. With our product you can remotely take control of a device on the field for providing real-time technical support for drivers. We let you group your devices and schedule maintenance activities like scans and software upgrades.

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