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42Gears Helps Manufacturing Companies Become More Efficient with Secure Mobile Devices

42Gears helps manufacturing companies increase the speed and accuracy of their production processes by securing mobile devices on shop floors. Mobile devices are essential to modern manufacturing; after all, they are important tools for following industry best practices, producing quality products with minimum defects and maximising worker safety. 

With 42Gears’ device lockdown apps, SureLock and SureFox, organizations ensure their workers are armed with secure, dedicated mobile devices. 

For instance, 42Gears ensures that device settings are password-protected so that workers cannot change their devices in ways that render them unfit for work use. 

42Gears Helps Organizations Continuously Improve Their Operations with Mobile Technology

In many manufacturing plants, the labour force uses mobile devices to observe, control and remotely manage industrial equipment while on the move. So-called “rugged” mobile devices see use on shop floors, as such devices are designed to withstand rough working conditions. These devices are commonly loaded with apps that help managers make better decisions.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions, like SureMDM by 42Gears, provide features to monitor, update, maintain and track deployed devices across shop floors. SureMDM is widely used for remotely managing and supporting devices spread across a manufacturing unit. SureMDM integrates seamlessly with SureLock by 42Gears, a device lockdown solution known for its comprehensive approach to ensuring devices are not used for unintended purposes.

Device Security

Use our products to prevent the misuse of mobile devices by taxi drivers by locking in-taxi devices down to only pre-approved applications. We allow you to password-protect device settings so that they cannot be modified by drivers intentionally or unintentionally. You can set devices to be used exactly the way you want in terms of permitted applications and content. This will help you protect your devices from malware, giving them longer life and better performance.

Diagnostics and Reporting

We help you ensure that your devices are always fit for use by regularly monitoring the health of your fleet’s devices. You will also get alerts and notifications when drivers cross data consumption thresholds. Improve process efficiency by collecting data and performing diagnostics, and then generate reports based on that data. You can use these reports to optimise your fleet’s operations and keep your expenses in check.

Device Deployment and Management

42Gears provides easy mass-configuration options so that your devices can be set up in no time and can quickly be ready-to-use for drivers. After deployment, managing these devices is simple and easy with our centralised web console. All devices can be tracked and monitored in real-time. Wiping data, pushing software and taking control of devices can all be done remotely in bulk, without needing to attend to each device individually, saving you precious time.

Support and Maintenance

We help you maintain and support a large number of devices spread across different cities with ease. With our product you can remotely take control of a device on the field for providing real-time technical support for drivers. We let you group your devices and schedule maintenance activities like scans and software upgrades.

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